Our History

The story of how The Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel became real.

Eric Dawson and his best friend Kevin Wiebe were both huge curlers and true fans of the sport. For years they dreamed of taking the game back to its root, curling outdoors. The two talked about the concept for years in the curling rink bars across the city of Winnipeg. With Kevin’s help and other amazing friends, Eric organized and created the first Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel at the Historic Forks on the Assiniboine River February 2 to 3, 2002. There were 12 curling teams on two official size sheets of ice with full size rocks, it was an historic moment, and the dream came true after 10 years of dreaming. Curling outside was only part of the dream, there was more to the vision. Eric’s guidance and principle was that the bonspiel would always stay affordable to everyone and the funds raised would go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The organizers of the bonspiel know what Eric and Kevin did to create and make this event real. The mission of the Ironman Curling event has always been about raising funds for a charity, the sport of curling affordable for everyone and making life long memories. We continue to do that each year and we invite you to join us in continuing to make the dream real. Hurry Hard!

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