The Organizers

Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

Event Chair

Michael Thompson


Marc Gautron

Fundraising Coordinator

Dean Jones

Registration Coordinator

Dan Nicholson

Special Advisors

Cal Sobering, Colin Hodgson

Head Ice Maker

Julien Dupas


[open position]

Member at Large

Eric Dawson

Sponsorship & Advertising Chair

[open position]

Volunteer Coordinator

Michael Thompson

Entertainment Coordinator

[Open Position]

Media Coordinator

Open Position

Prize Coordinators

Judy Thompson, Valerie Bergeron and Ramona Fryza

Website Development

Mike Thiessen

Additional Ice Making Volunteers

Allan Frederick, Brent Mackie, Bret Boyd, Dean Jones, Doug Johnson, Eric Dawson, Gary Fryza, Glen Bergeron, Gord Craig, Grant Magnusson, Kyle Cooke, Marc Gautron, Michael Thompson, Randy Bolton, Trevor Hoffman

Rock & Equipment Master

Doug Johnson

Additional Equipment Volunteers

Allan Frederick, Dean Jones, Doug Johnson, Eric Dawson, Gord Craig, Gary Fryza, Kyle Cooke, Michael Thompson

Draw Master / Scheduling

Dean Jones

Draw Starter

[open position]

Past Chairs

David Ellie, Dean Jones, Eric Dawson (co-founder), Kevin Wiebe (co-founder)