Global Warming Business Scenario

Weather Assessment

Global Warming Business Scenario

For the past 3 years the weather in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada has been very warm.  So warm that as a committee we have done our best to address this risk. Part of the culture and specialty of Ironman curling is being outside and on the river.  We have been blessed that the warm weather has not stopped our outdoor curling.

We have looked at a number of options to approach the change in weather.

Outdoor Option: To address this risk we have attempted to talk to owners of many outside venues to find an alternative venue.  This would allow us to be on land and outside but we have been unable to find a location that meets our requirements.  Part of the challenge is that even if we were on the land we need more time to prepare curling ice because the land has no built up ice so we would need to make ice from scratch.  We are a very small group of volunteers so we don’t have the resources to make ice from scratch for 3 weeks prior to the event and make ice on the river in parallel.

Indoor Option: We have also attempted to find an indoor location with Curling rinks or hockey rinks.  Due to the time of the year, the curling clubs we talked to don’t have any free ice.  If you know a curling club that welcome 250 to 400 curlers and all the free publicity the first weekend in February please let us know.

Postponed Option: We looked at postponing the bonspiel for another weekend.   Due to our volunteer commitment and to respect our curlers this is not a valid option.  In 2017 the weather got worse, many outdoor hockey rinks cancelled tournaments and the Forks river trail was water.  So even if we delayed the curling there would be no guarantees that the weather would get colder.

It sounds strange to say that it is not cold enough to curl outside in Winnipeg but that is the reality.  If you believe in global warming or not, we believe that in the coming years the bonspiel will no longer be around.  Each year that we manage to hold the bonspiel is a bonus.

If weather makes the conditions unsafe or unplayable we will refund everyone less admin fee for processing transactions.  This bonspiel is a fundraiser for Heart and Stroke Foundation.  We invite teams to considering still making a donation and will receive a tax receipt for the amount donated.   We appreciate everyone understanding on this scenario.  If you belong to an organization that can help us address an alternative location we are open to working with you to make the bonspiel continue.

Think about it for a minute.  If no winter sports were invented yet and were being invented today, those sports would not be created in 2017 due to the current weather conditions.  Or be as popular.  If we had to cancel the bonspiel for one year, we would look at our situation and resources to determine if we can host again the following winter.  If we were forced to cancel for a second year that would be the end of our bonspiel.

We want all of our stakeholders: curlers, sponsors, volunteers, Heart and Stroke Foundation and partners to have a good understanding of the challenges we face.  We appreciate that everyone puts their trust in us to put on this amazing event.  We will continue to work hard to make this bonspiel a reality.  Thank you to everyone for their amazing support.

If you have any questions, recommendations for a secondary location or concerns, please let us know at


Michael Thompson

Bonspiel Director