In Honour Of

Here at Ironman Curling we try to recognize and honour people that were special to Ironman Curling. Whether that was someone touched by stroke or heart disease or people that contributed to the bonspiel over the years.

If you know someone that would be open to being recognized by our event, please let us know. We welcome the opportunity to highlight that person and how they made a difference.

2018 Margaret Morton
Margaret Morton is a very strong, independent woman who survived a heart attack in August 2010. As with many women she mistook the heart attack symptoms to just not feeling right. “I was shopping with my Granddaughter and just felt odd,” Margaret Morton remembers. “I continued onto a celebration for a coworker and upon arriving home started perspiring, felt weak and started feeling pressure on my chest.”

2017 John Hindle
Suffered a major heart attack in 2014. John was at his cabin when he was rushed to Kenora Hospital and then at St. Boniface saving his life. Later John continued his treatments at the cardiac rehab program at the Reh-Fit Centre.

In John’s own words: “I was at the cottage relaxing and had a massive heart attack. My lifetime friend was with me and got me in the car, called 911, and drove towards Kenora. We met an ambulance on the highway and was taken to Emergency. The clot busting drug saved my life and after several hours I was flown to St. Boniface. Early in morning I had a stent placed in a coronary artery but approximately 20% of the heart died during the attack. I have been in recovery ever since for over two years.”

2016 Ironman Curlers and Volunteers
For our 15th anniversary. We recognize the hard work of all the volunteers and the curlers for their work over the past 15 years in helping the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the monies raised. This was the first year we raised $10,000 in one event.

2015 Michael Wirth
This year we are honouring Michael Wirth who passed away this past December due to an aneurysm of the heart at the age of 35. Curling in memory of Michael was the team of Steven Wirth, Kirsten Wirth, Jackie Mackling, Greg Mackling. Michael was a father, husband, son, brother and good friend to many. He leaves his loving wife Michelle and his three young boys Ryan, Riley and Logan. He has many loving family members that will greatly miss him. Michael was a supporter of animals and took his 2 big dogs Bella and Khloe everywhere he went. Michael was the President of the family business, Perfect Landscaping, and was always passionate and excited about new ideas for the business and his next project. Michael is described as having had a huge heart, having been an extremely generous person, and a really nice guy who was loved by almost everyone he met.

2014 Guy Desmarais stroke survivor

2013 Don Nixon
In memory of Donald William John Nixon. Don suddenly passed away on October 16, 2012 at the young age of 39 years. Don was loving husband to Lisa, devoted father to Josh and Lucas and an optimistic energetic member of the community. Don touched many lives and is missed by everyone.

2011 Len Jones
Len Jones passed away January 14, 2011 at the age of 76. His son Dean Jones recalls he suffered from a heart attack somewhere around 1983. Dean says, “He drove himself to the hospital thinking it was maybe something else, but it’s a good thing he went as he ended up spending about a week at the hospital and fully recovered.” 20 years after his heart attack he put his love of wood working to good use by helping the Ironman Bonspiel with building and maintaining the scoreboards, lending his trailer for transportation of equipment, and using his garage for storage of all the equipment for many years to come. As Dean says, “He got about 28 more years out of life after his heart attack, and I also got to spend that time with him. Thank you Heart & Stroke Foundation for all that you do.”

2010 Darcey Davidow
Darcy Davidow past away on July 7, 2009 in a single vehicle accident at the age of 36. He is survived by his children Ashley, Rylie, and Chelsea, his partner Christine Berard. Winter included hockey, hockey and hockey. Darcy supported the Heart and Stroke Foundation by participating in the Ironman outdoor curling bonspiel for the last several years. Darcy was full of energy and was the life of the party wherever he went. He was always considerate of others and made sure that both young and old were having a good time. His unique style, friendly manner, and loving heart will remain with us all forever. He was a great ice maker and curler of the event, we still miss him.

2002 George Lammers
Our founder Eric Dawson’s father-in-law George Lammers past away due to a heart attack on January 18, 2000. This event was started in George’s memory.