Early Bird Draw

Want to win a prize just for entering the bonspiel? All you have to do is pay early. Register and pay for your curling team before the early bird deadline of December 31 and your team will be entered into a draw for:

ONE of TWO $100.00 in Gift Cards

(Please note: Volunteer Committee, Sponsor and Partner curling teams are not eligible for the Early Bird draw.)

The Early Bird Draw was held and the two winning teams for 2023 are “Your House or Mine” and “Roughsliders”. Congratulations you have won $100 in gift cards for either the Jets Store or Downtown Business.  Prices can be picked up at the registration table at the event.

Good luck to all the teams and thank you for registering and paying early.  Make sure to register early and often!

Deadline: All registration fees must be paid no later than Saturday 31st of December 2022 11:59:59 PM

The following 18 teams are eligibe for the early bird draw !

It's All in the Triceps (Qualified: 2022-12-22 13:29:47)
Rocking Spaniels (Qualified: 2022-12-31 16:16:34)
Roughsliders (Qualified: 2022-12-30 11:43:14)
Team Shackleton (Qualified: 2022-12-07 21:24:59)
Frozen Stones (Qualified: 2022-12-30 09:34:53)
Stones Throw Away (Qualified: 2022-11-22 10:30:27)
Ice Warriors (Qualified: 2022-12-29 07:26:03)
Wiggle Brooms (Qualified: 2022-12-30 13:00:46)
Your House or Mine (Qualified: 2022-12-31 17:44:48)
Cold-Play (Qualified: 2022-12-19 15:53:15)
Every Inch Counts (Qualified: 2022-12-31 19:01:04)
Scotch Rocks (Qualified: 2022-12-31 20:28:38)
Frozen Road Apples (Qualified: 2022-12-12 10:46:34)
Smokin Rocks (Qualified: 2022-12-13 09:57:30)
Curling Ninjas (Qualified: 2022-12-23 08:23:53)
The Brokenheads (Qualified: 2022-12-23 21:56:59)
Curling Irons (Qualified: 2022-12-11 20:35:40)
Hack Job (Qualified: 2022-12-05 15:19:54)