Raffles and Auctions

Ironman Outdoor Curling, as part of our fundraising efforts, is allowed to hold certain raffles each year at our events. Here are some examples of what we have done.

Historical Fundraising

Regular Raffle: A predetermined number of tickets are printed and sold. The winner is determined by selecting a ticket from a drum.

Note: Here are the Regular Raffle results from 2023
Raffle Prize: 1991 Brier Complete Pin Set & Winner Kevin Kirkness

Players’ Choice Raffle: Players choose which draw they wish to participate in from a display of prizes and place their tickets in the respective draw bag/bin/box/pail. The winning ticket for each prize is drawn from only the tickets in the respective bag/bin/box/pail.

Percentage Payout Raffle: A number of tickets are sold. A predetermined percentage of sales is identified as the prize offered (e.g. 50/50). The winner is determined by selecting a ticket from a drum.

Note: Here are the 50/50 results from 2023

Future Fundraising

In the future we would also like to try doing some of the following, with some sales starting in October when we open registrations (i.e. Super Bowl Pool tickets or a Calendar raffle, both to take place in February), and some just before the event (i.e. the Calcutta, auction to happen Wednesday evening before the event).

Sports Event Raffle: Tickets are produced with scores marked on each ticket. The winners are determined by matching the scores in the game with the scores on the tickets (e.g. Grey Cup Pool or Super Bowl Pool tickets).

Calendar Raffle: A predetermined number of tickets are printed and sold (usually on the back page of an actual calendar) and each ticket has a chance to win any number of times during a specified series of draws (e.g. daily, weekly or monthly). Calendar raffles can be for a portion of a year or for an entire year.

Calcutta Auction: Competitors entered into the bonspiel (i.e. teams) are sold by auction to people in attendance at the Calcutta auction (note: purchaser can be the competitors themselves or anyone else not competing), and the purchaser(s) of the winning competitor(s) shares a predetermined percentage of the total proceeds from the auction.

To do some of these fundraising options we may need your help! Can you maybe sell some of the tickets (we are a small committee and there are a lot of tickets to sell for a Sports Event Raffle or a Calendar Raffle), or maybe even be an auctioneer for the Calcutta (maybe a bucket item to check off your list). If you think you can help us out in any way, please contact us today.