My Waiver

All players must sign the waiver before they are allowed to play. There are several options for signing the waiver:

  1. You can digitally sign the waiver. This is the most efficient way to sign the waiver: it is paperless and fast at the registration desk. (You have to login to do this.) OR…
  2. Download the waiver, print it out, sign it, and then hand it in at the registration desk. This speeds the process at the registration desk. OR…
  3. Sign a paper copy of the waiver at the registration table and turn it in before playing.
  4. Reminder: Please use the online Covid self-screening tool before deciding if you should be attending.

Hello ! Please note, you cannot digitally sign the waiver until you login.
You can still view the waiver and download it for printing, sign it, and bring it to the registration desk.

Show the waiver