Ironman Outdoor Curling is a not for profit event, proudly presented by Nirvana Waterworks. It raises money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and for HOPE worldwide Canada, and is held on the first full weekend in February.

Outdoor curling is a unique experience, and curling on a river even more-so! Since 2002, teams from all over Manitoba, North America, and even New Zealand have joined our FUNdraiser event to experience what curling was like just a short time ago. Indoor curling clubs first opened in Winnipeg in 1913, and mechanically frozen ice was added to several Winnipeg curling clubs 40 years later.

Ironman Curling is the longest running fundraiser for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and has raised over $209,320 for local charities since 2002.  The event continues to evolve each year as we adjust to the unique challenges of each winter. In 2020 we held our only off-river event, when we  partnered with the Manitoba 150 Committee to host our event at Memorial Park in front of the Manitoba Legislature.

Enjoy our winter, find the beauty of being outside under the prairie sky whether its in the sunlight or under the stars.  Enjoy the camaraderie of friends, family, and neighbors while being active and raising money for charity.  Teams curl while fundraising for a worthy cause, top fundraising teams win an Ironman Silver Corn Broom.  Our event is held outdoors with breathtaking winter scenery, it is pet friendly curling area and has even had chef prepared food available.

The 4 (or 3 minimum) player team entry fee is $200. From that, $100 goes towards the cost of running the event (insurance, permits, rentals, etc.) and $100 goes to the charity. Additional players (over 4) are $50 each, up to a maximum of 6 players per team. Please consider creating a second team if you have 6 or more players available. Additional donations from players and individuals are also accepted and added to your charitable receipts which are issued after the event by HOPE worldwide Canada Winnipeg or the Heart & Stroke Foundation for any donations totaling $20.00 or over for any individual.

This event is for Everyone. No curling experience is needed, you just need a can do spirit and some warm clothes. Teams can be any size from 3 to 6 players. We suggest kids be over the age of 10 and wear helmets when on the ice. Depending on your team’s experience level we have a Family League and Championship League to chose from. Get your friends, family, or co-workers together and register a team for this uniquely Winnipeg winter event.