Stones Throw Away
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Manager: David Wadsworth
Players: David Wadsworth, SUSAN WADSWORTH, Heather Wadsworth
Team type: Fund Raising
Division: 2024 Championship
Reg status: complete
* Earlybird *

Stones Throw Away is a multi-generational team comprising of players from Manitoba and Ontario. Some of us curl out of the Unionville Curling Club in Ontario and all of us enjoy the opportunity to play outdoors on natural ice. We have a strong fundraising ethos placing third overall in the 2023 Ironman Curling Fundraising category. Our family has been affected by diseases of the heart and welcome the chance to promote the great work of H&S through our fundraising efforts.

Funds raised by Stones Throw Away will go to Heart & Stroke Foundation. Amount raised: $100

TAX RECEIPT: Heart & Stroke Foundation will email a tax receipt after the bonspiel.