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Alternatives to logging in:

  1. Bonspiel players can manually register here  if they are uncomfortable or unable to verify your identify via the social media login.
  2. High School Tournament Players should register here.
  3. Download the waiver to print and hand in before playing.

Logging in through the social media option is by far the most convenient and preferred option – It reduces our volunteer workload, and allows you to register your team faster! If you are creating, joining or managing a team or would like to make a registration fee payment, or digitally sign the waiver without printing it. Just go to MyDashboard

How do I login?

  • Click a familiar icon above where you already have an account. (after CONNECT WITH you see icons for Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube) If you aren’t already logged into that service it will ask you to login, otherwise you are done and logged into Ironman.

What if I don’t have one of those accounts or I don’t feel comfortable using one to login to Ironman?

  • Please review our Privacy Policy about how we handle social media login.
  • The very simplest solution for everybody is for you to create a  disposable Gmail account. Login to the Gmail account and then click the G icon above and you will be logged into Ironman. It’s that simple. Gmail also offers the ability to customize your existing Gmail address to manage spam.
  • Please note: Notifications of online donations to the team are sent to the team’s manager (so they can follow up with a Thank You), so it is important to be sure you still have access to the email account associated with your login method (Amazon, Facebook, Gmail or YouTube).

Does Ironman offer a manual registration process?

  • Yes. Fill out this form and submit it. Ironman volunteers can manually enter the information into the website for you. Please consider this option as a last resort. After registration comes fee payment, game selection, and waiver signing for each teammate, and these would all require manual effort by Ironman volunteers if you choose this route. Running a fundraising bonspiel requires a huge effort from volunteers and volunteers are hard to find. We are happy to help you have fun with outdoor curling and raise money for our charities, but we appreciate your help in making things go a bit smoother by choosing to avoid the manual process whenever possible.

Why did we change to social media login for Ironman?

  • Social Login allows you to login and register at Ironman with one click using your existing Social Network account. We want the best user experience for you that we can provide, and we want email addresses that are already validated. Today, the average person has up to seven social accounts on different social-networking sites. With Social Login users can login to Ironman using their existing identity from a social network. Who really wants to create and remember another username and password? Social login also guarantees the email address is pre-validated.
    At Ironman we do not collect any additional demographic or profile data from the user login. With our social login account we don’t even have access to anything but name and email address. That’s all we need to facilitate and automate participation in the bonspiel.
    We use the Oneall service to integrate social media login with our website. Oneall provides User Integration as a Service and offers integration of some 35+ social networks. They use a state-of-the-art security environment that is 100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws.
    OneAll is used by more than 300,000 websites worldwide, including small blogs, growing startups and large corporate enterprises. The Oneall User Integration Platform is processing millions of user profiles for tens of thousands of websites and apps. Customers rely on their services for handling their social network integration and securely storing their user profile data.