High School Tournament

Introducing the first ever Ironman Outdoor Curling High School Tournament, open to all Manitoba High School/Collegiate students, and sponsored by:
Bodegoes Restaurants

When: Friday February 16, 2024

Where: Games will be played on the Red River next to the Winnipeg Rowing Club at 20 Lyndale Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Team Registration Cost: $60 (that’s only $5 per game played for each player, less when teams have Playoffs!)

Team Registration Deadline: Sunday February 11, 2024 (so please Click Here to Register NOW!)
Once registered, you will receive an email with payment instructions (i.e. mail in a cheque or use PayPal). Once the payment has been received, your team will be added to the High School Tournament pools and assigned draw times (based on the paid entries received at that time).

For this inaugural tournament we are only accepting 8 teams of 4 players each (with and option to add up to 2 alternate players). An Assumption of Risk Under Age of Majority waiver will need to be signed by parents/guardians as well as each participant who has not reached the age of 18 by the date of the event. For those who are 18, our standard waiver can be signed without the need for a parent’s signature. Some form of photo ID (even if from your High School) may be requested at the event to help us verify players ages and that they have signed all appropriate forms. A parent or teacher from each school/team is not required to attend or supervise, but everyone is always welcome to watch the event and they could even act as the ID for some kids who may not have any photo ID available.

If you would like to promote this event in your High School, click here or here too to download our printable posters.

Outdoor Curling has been described as “shuffleboard on ice,” so you do not need to know how to curl to compete. Loaner fabric curling brooms from Asham Curling will be available for students to use so they do not need to buy any fancy curling equipment. They can also bring any house broom as well to help clear snow from the front of the gliding rock. For additional safety, helmets are recommended (but optional). Please dress for the weather to stay warm outside for about an hour at a time.

Here is the proposed High School Tournament Schedule (based on the existing 7 teams, room for 1 more!):

Generic High School Schedule

Draw times will be as follows:     Pools 1: Friday 10:00, Friday 11:30, Friday 14:00 (2pm) Note: No playoffs will be required with 8 teams entered.

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