High School Tournament

Welcome to the first ever Ironman Outdoor Curling High School Tournament, open to all students enrolled in High Schools/Collegiates in Manitoba. There are almost 200 High Schools in Manitoba, many of those just in the Winnipeg area alone. (https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/schools/wpg_map.html) Entries are based on the first 32 High School teams that register and pay to be entered (not limited to 1 entry per school, so 1 school could have multiple teams enter). Click here to download a High School Poster (933KB)
Note: High School Photo ID may be requested at the event to verify players have signed all appropriate forms.

Games will be played on the Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ironman Outdoor Curling has been said to be like shuffleboard on ice, so you do not need to know how to curl to compete. Loaner fabric curling brooms from Asham Curling will be available so you do not need to buy your own curling equipment, but you can bring any house broom as well to help clear snow from the front of your rocks if it should be snowing that weekend. You can wear a helmet if you wish for safety, and dress for the weather to stay warm outside for about an hour at a time. An Assumption of Risk Under Age of Majority will need to be signed by your parents/guardians as well as by yourself to participate.

To enter your High School team, please Register Here. You will then receive a reply with registration payment instructions (i.e. mail in a cheque or use PayPal) to make your registration payment of $60 per High School team. Once payment has been received your team will be added to the High School Tournament pools and assigned draw times (based on the entries received at that time). If you said you wanted to participate in the (optional) fundraising, your team would also be added to the teams page so people can find your player’s names and make online donations towards your team. Your team may become one of the top fundraisers and could possibly also win a Silver Corn Broom! Imagine if you were both the Top Fundraiser and the High School Champions, bragging rights forever!

Here is the proposed High School Schedule for 32 teams:

Generic High School Schedule

Draw times will be as follows (depending on how many teams enter):
32 Teams – Pools 1 & 2: Thursday 12:00, Thursday 14:50 (2:50pm), Friday 11:00 or 12:15
32 Teams – Pools 3 & 4: Thursday 13:35 (1:35pm), Thursday 16:05 (4:05), Friday 11:00 or 12:15
32 Teams Pool Notes: Friday’s 3rd game time will depend on which division you are in after Thursday’s games. If you win your first game on Thursday (stay in A division) then you will play the later shift at 12:15 on Friday (A&C divisions). If you lose your first game on Thursday (move to B division) then you will play the earlier shift at 11:00 on Friday (B&D divisions). You must win your Friday game to carry on to playoffs.
32 Teams Division Playoffs: Friday 13:45 (1:45pm) Semi-Finals & Friday 15:00 (3:00pm) Finals.   Awards and prizes will follow at 16:30 (4:30pm) once all playoff games are completed.

8 or 16 Teams – Pools 1 & 2: Thursday 13:00 (1pm), Thursday 15:00 (3pm), Friday 13:00 (1pm)
16 Teams Division Playoffs: Friday at 15:00 (3pm) Finals.   Awards and prizes will follow at 16:30 (4:30pm) once all playoff games are completed.
8 Teams Note: Playoffs are not required for 8 teams so we will have the awards and prizes on Friday at 14:30 (2:30pm) once all divisional games are completed.

General Note: We ask that all teams keep an open schedule for the Thursday & Friday until we finalize the draws a few days before the event.

Thank you to all our sponsors