Draw Schedule Example

How Does The Draw Schedule Work?

First, to become Ironman Champions and get your name on the trophy you must win in group “A” and go undefeated through the entire weekend, which is no easy feat! Each team starts in group A so you all have a chance!
– Game 1, win and you stay in group A, lose and you move to group B.
– Game 2, win in group A you stay in group A, lose you move to group C -or- win in group B you stay in group B, lose you move to group E. Game 3 win in group A and you move on to Sunday Playoffs in group A (undefeated), lose and move on to Sunday Playoffs in group D (only 1st loss). Game 3 is elimination for groups B an C, win you move on to Sunday Playoffs in your group (1 loss), lose you are done for the weekend (2 losses). Game 3 for group E is the rubber match (2 losses already), you are now just trying to get a win before the weekend is over. Win or lose game 3 in group E and you are done for the weekend. (i.e. To move on to Sunday you can only have a maximum of 1 loss by end of Saturday)

Below is just an example of a schedule to give you an idea of what the full schedule could look like when it comes out.  The final schedule will be posted 2 to 3 days before the start of the event, at which time this page should also be updated.

Pool Examples

To determine your draw times, lets use Pool 6 in the chart above as an example: your first game in Pool 6 will either be Friday at 20:15 or Saturday at 15:15, depending on what you choose when you pick your draw times as there would be two different first game time options available in the drop down box for Pool 6. Then if you win the first game your next two games will be Saturday at 18:00 (for groups in 6A) and then at 20:30 (for groups in 6A and 6C), and if you lose your first game your next two games will be Saturday at 19:15 (for groups in 6B) and 21:45 (for groups in 6B and 6E). When we have sheets that don’t divide equally by 4, this kind of scheduling becomes more necessary as the Pools are made up of 8 teams each (two teams per game time slot).

Note: When there are open sheets such as Sheets 1 and 6 on Friday at 20:15 and 21:30 it is possible to schedule a game time change if both teams agree on the time change. For example, two teams both scheduled to curl with each other but earlier on Friday could move their game to 20:15 or 21:30 as there are open sheets. That said, teams can not move their first game to a time equal to or past their second game time, or move their second game to a time equal to or past their third game time. For example, Pool 1 on Friday at 17:30 couldn’t move their first game to Saturday at (or after) 10:00 because they play their second game at 10:00 and have to have completed their first game prior to their second game. A good example of how this can work is Pools 4 and 5 both have one of their first games scheduled for Saturday at 12:45 as Friday didn’t work well for those four teams and the sheets were open on Saturday before their second games were scheduled. With only two sheets available on Saturday at 10:00, only Pools 2 through 6 could move their first games to Saturday, but several teams (pools 1 and 2 for sure) could play their second game Friday night at 20:15 or 21:30 if they wish, just talk to the teams after the first game and see if everyone agrees! We want everyone to be happy with the draw times and are flexible when it comes to playing on open sheets.