Draw Schedule Example

How Does The Draw Schedule Work?

First, to become Ironman Champions and get your name on the trophy you must win in group “A” and go undefeated through the entire weekend, which is no easy feat! Each team starts in group A with no losses so you all have a chance! This tournament is a double elimination format, to move on to Sunday’s Playoffs you can only have a maximum of 1 loss by end of Saturday. Here’s how it works:
– Game 1, win and you stay in group A, lose and you move to group B.
– Game 2, win in group A you stay in group A, lose you move to group C -or- win in group B you stay in group B, lose you move to group D.
– Game 3, win in group A and you move on to Sunday Playoffs in group A (undefeated), lose and move on to Sunday Playoffs in group E (only 1st loss).
– Game 3 is elimination for groups B an C, win you move on to Sunday Playoffs in your group (1 loss), lose you are done for the weekend (2 losses).
– Game 3 is the rubber match for group D (2 losses already), you are now just trying to get a win before the weekend is over. Win or lose game 3 in group D and you are done for the weekend.

Below is just an example of a proposed schedule to give you an idea of what the final schedule could look like when it comes out.  The final schedule will be posted 2 to 3 days before the start of the event, at which time this page should also be updated.

Pool Examples

Note: We update the proposed schedule based on what we currently plan to have available at our event, but final pools & times may change once registration closes depending on how many teams we have entered at that time. All pools & times are assigned to teams on a “first-to-choose” basis through the Team Manager’s Dashboard. The available pools & times that the Team Manager can choose from will slowly disappear as they are chosen by all Team Managers for their teams until no pools & times remain in the Dashboard.