Event Info

The following are general instructions and tips on how to navigate your Ironman weekend and have a great time curling.

Getting to the Event

Parking & Carpooling

Over the years of putting on this event, The Forks and our event have both grown. Parking at The Forks is now becoming a consideration. Please talk to your teammates and share a ride to The Forks for parking when possible, and please don’t drink and drive when it’s over. Give yourself plenty of time to find parking and to walk to your game. We ask teams to try to arrive at least 15 minutes early before their draw times to allow for any unforeseen delays such as parking and/or registration.

Plus for those that are parents, you will have noticed that our Friday often falls on the school inservice day.  What does this mean?  This means that there are hundreds of kids and parents at the Forks using parking spots.  Great for energy and business, bad for finding a parking spot.

Our Rink Location

In 2015 we realized we weren’t going to have enough room for all of our curlers in the Forks Historic Port for long because, depending on the water level we could only make 4 to 6 sheets of ice each year in that area, and we were still growing as a premier event in Manitoba. We needed to find a way to expand our event venue, or limit the teams and funds we could raise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation as we were out of room. In 2016 we moved onto the Red River (beside the St. Boniface Hospital) which allowed us to make 10 sheets of ice! This new location on the Red River gives us plenty of room to expand further and to make an almost unlimited number of sheets of ice with enough volunteer help. The rinks are still within walking distance of The Forks market, but please add extra time for your walk to the rinks. Battlefield Equipment is also very generous to Ironman Curling and provides enough light stands to our event so you can see the rinks into the evening.

Before Your First Game

Team Check-In and Discount Cards

The information and registration table is setup at Beachcomber Restaurant in The Forks building.

If you haven’t signed your electronic waiver on-line (which we highly encourage doing), we ask teams to check in at the registration table before the first game and sign the waivers. Again, add additional time to walk to the Beachcomber Restaurant and get your paperwork sorted out before your first game, as well as additional time to walk down to the Red River. It’s always best to have the waiver signed in advance on-line to avoid this extra delay.

Once all players on the team have signed their waivers, teams will receive their discount cards. We partner with the Beachcombers Restaurant and Muddy Waters Eatery to provide curlers with fantastic deals.


Official Ironman curling merchandise can be purchased at the registration table.  All funds helping pay for the bonspiel. Do you have your official Ironman toque or hat?

After Your Game

Let Us Know Your Game Results

Please remember to fill in your team name on the next branch on the Draw scoreboard at the ice level so you see which sheet and time you play again.  Third’s responsibility so if they forget they owe the team a round of drinks.

Food & Drinks

The Ironman Patch will be at river level in our beer garden.

Gigantic Group Picture

Each year we try for a massive group picture.  The group photo will be on Saturday 3:10 pm between draws. We will make an announcement prior to the picture so teams know to stay for the picture.  Everyone one is welcome to take part in the picture.  Photography by Brittany Wall.


Starting in 2016, teams are now encouraged to collect pledges to see who can raise the most for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The top three teams that raise the most money will be awarded a Subaru Silver Corn Broom as shown here:
2015 Silver Subaru Corn Broom
This is a brand new fully functional traditional curling broom you can proudly display on your wall in your home or office, or use when curling at your regular club throughout the season. We would also love to see you use it each year you return to curl in the Ironman bonspiel every February.  The top fundraising teams will be award their Subaru Silver Corn Broom at the Closing Ceremonies at Beachcomber Restaurant which start 3:00 pm. on Sunday.

Note: Team members have until Sunday afternoon on the event weekend to get in their pledge forms and donations in to count towards your team totals. Please help us beat our fundraising goal for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and maybe you will be one of the special teams to win a Silver Subaru Corn Broom this year.

Silent Auction

In 2016, there were two curling painting prints by Hal Jordon for silent auction. In the past we have had signed prints, office furniture, in home chef dinner by Modern Plate Catering and various other items donated to help raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Who knows what will be available this year, so bring along some extra cash. All funds raised from all auctions go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. If you have something you would like to donate to auction, please let us know.

Donation Tax Receipts

For a basic team of four players the registration fee is $160.00.  Of that $160, $100 goes to Heart and Stroke Foundation as a donation, the other $60 goes to operational costs.  We forward the teams player address information to the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they issue the tax receipts.  By player and spares this is a $25.00 donation and $15.00 for operational costs (A great value, that is $5.00 a curling game).  If there is only one address in our system we only forward one address to H&S. If you need multiple tax receipts for your donations please make sure that all players addresses are up-to-date online.  For any special instructions on how to divide the tax receipt you can leave a comment in the team comment field.  For any questions or help regarding this please contact our Treasurer Marc Gautron at treasurer@ironmancurling.com

Pledge Sheets – Please make sure all address information, your contact information and curling team name is readable.  In case we have any questions we can contact you to clarify.  We want to make sure your curling team is credited with the total raised towards the Subaru Silver Corn Broom.  Pledge sheets and monies are to be dropped off at the registration table by Saturday. Please make cheques out to “Ironman Outdoor Curling Bonspiel”.

Post Weekend Fun

Remember always lift with your knees and go slow on the ice.  The old Scotsman highly recommends you book your massage or chiropractor appointment for Monday after the weekend.  You won’t regret it and your body will thank you.