(Donations are no longer being accepted so we can close the books. Thanks for a great event!)

This year Ironman proudly supported the following charities:

HOPE worldwide Canada: Amount raised: $3425 - HOPE worldwide Canada is committed to making opportunities for youth placed in care. Max Out Summer! Day Camp is a free 2 week day camp for youth ages 6 to 12 years who are currently wards of Child & Family Services agencies. more

Heart & Stroke Foundation: Amount raised: $15266.44 - Heart disease and stroke are the #1 killer globally. It’s never been more urgent to accelerate research breakthroughs. more

Funds Raised

Funds Raised by Team

Total Funds Raised

(Funds Raised includes all received pledged and online donations, as well as all paid team registration fees minus $15/player for operational costs.)

The top 3 fundraising teams will be awarded the coveted Ironman Silver Corn Broom as shown on the Top Fundraising Teams page.  These unique brooms are hard to find but are perfect to use on Ironman outdoor ice, or can be placed in your office for all to behold.  Any additional teams also raising over $1,000 for charity will automatically win a Silver Corn Broom. We LOVE giving away more than 3 brooms each year!

Print off your Ironman pledge sheet today, or get folks to donate online to your team.  It’s that easy.

Teams have until their second scheduled game on Saturday to submit all funds, either online or in person to our Registration Table, or direct to our Treasurer Marc (please make arrangements with Marc –   All funds will be donated to the charity chosen. Ironman, with the help of our sponsors, will pay the transactions fees so charities receive your full donation amount.