Donation Pledge Sheet

Donation Pledge Sheets

We invite and encourage curlers to help us fundraise for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and HOPE worldwide Canada.  To help you with this, you can print off a customized Curling pledge sheet.  With these sheets you can gather donations from family, friends and co workers.  The top fundraising curling teams will be recognized at the Awards ceremonies at the end of the bonspiel.  Everyone is a winner.  Tax Receipts are written for $20.00 or more.  Please make sure address information is filled out for tax receipts.

Click here to open the 2024 Heart & Stroke Donation Pledge Sheet
Click here to open the 2024 HOPE worldwide Canada Donation Pledge Sheet
Note: Once opened in your web browser, you can right-click to print or to save a copy locally.

Once you have collected all the monies and the pledge sheets are filled out, please bring in an envelope to the registration table the weekend of the bonspiel.  The registration table will be located at ice level for 2021.  We ask that all pledge sheets be turned in by Saturday by your 2nd draw time (or the earlier the better).  This way we have time to total up the fundraising before Sunday to recognize the top fundraising curling teams, and for our grand total.

Please make sure the envelope has your curling team name on it so we can credit the proper curling team with fundraising.

Thank you for your efforts to help the Heart & Stroke Foundation and HOPE worldwide Canada.